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Location: Nashville, TN

Date: May 21st, May 22nd


Location: Aurora, IL

Date: July 9th, July 10th


Location: Ashville, NC

Date: Aug 13th, Aug 14th


Location: Cincinnati, OH

Date: June 18th, June 19th


Location: Holland, MI

Date: July 30th, July 31st


Location: TBD

Date: Sep 10th, Sep 11th

Tournament Schedule

Offseason Events

Thunder Social Events

Ultimate is great, but we understand there is more to a team then just playing the game. We want to provide monthly opportunities for our team members to get acquainted in a social setting. Creating connections is important for healthy team chemistry and communication.

October: Post Season Bonfire

November: Activate Games

December: New Years Party

January: New Years Party

February: Super Bowl Party

March: No Event

April: Thunder goes to Thunder

Thunder Skill Days

Thunder skill days are designed to work on specific aspects of an individuals game. We teach best practices from the broader ultimate community to continue growing our players skillsets. Skill days are open to the community and we encourage participation!

Skill Day Schedule Final.JPG
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