2019 Thunder Leadership

Joe Dininger - Team Captain

Hi Everybody! I'm excited to start my third year as a captain of Derby City Thunder. It's an honor to have this position and I hope that everyone is as excited for the upcoming season as I am. I have been playing ultimate for about 11 years now, starting out as a freshman at Bellarmine University. During my time playing, I have captained Bellarmine, joined a couple different club teams, and became the coach at University of Louisville. Ultimate has been a huge influence and motivator in my life. I am incredibly passionate about this sport, so I'm very thankful for the opportunity to give that passion back to the community. This year, we have some big goals that we are working to accomplish so buckle up!

In my normal life, I work as a Business Analyst. Some other hobbies I enjoy are basketball, video games with friends, exploring the outdoors, and reading. To be honest, most of my time is spent pursuing ultimate. Often my mornings and afternoons are filled with workouts, coaching videos, and reading leadership and coaching materials. It is my opinion that culture is not what you believe, but how you behave. Leadership starts at the top and I'm excited for our leadership team this year to put our plans into practice. If you have any questions about the team or this upcoming season, please feel free to reach out. You can find our contact information within the "Contact" section or find us on Facebook.

See you all on the field!

Amelia Murphy - Practice Captain

Hey New Friends!! My name is Amelia ("Meals") and am new to the Louisville area by way of NYC. I started playing ultimate at Cornell and have played for mixed teams out of the NYC or Boston area ever since - making it to Nationals and even qualifying for Worlds!

My favorite part about the sport is the community and making new friends. From skills days to tournaments, you will find me dancing on the sidelines and will hear my voice before you see me. I can't wait to make more friends here in Louisville and finally get to have a full season with DC Thunder!

Off the field I am a chicken, taco, pizza lawyer who loves to craft and bake. Am always up for new adventures and wonderful friendships!

Spencer Hawkins - Practice Captain

Here's my blurb, it starts after this line, don't include this part, or do *shrugs*.

Howdy folks!! I am so incredibly excited to be a part of this wonderful Thunder leadership this year! This is my second year on the team (although are we really counting 2020?? I am!!) and I am ready to bring my energy and enthusiasm to my role. Firstly I would like to shout out my fellow leadership team members and the amazing time I've had so far prepping for this season. Big things are coming and I can't wait to get to work. And secondly I would like to shout out YOU! Yes YOU reading this! Your interest in this club is what keeps us going! I can't wait to see all your faces at tryouts and throughout the year.

Non frisbee things about me (but who really cares about that). I finished my degree in Music Education Jazz Track this spring and am joining the workforce (at least for a little bit) until I go get my master's!!! (location TBD) If you have any questions about jazz or classical music hit me up! I also recently took up the banjo and hope to make an appearance with it at a tournament this year!

Matt Rosenfield - Spirit Captain

Waddup, Thunder fans! I started playing ultimate as many did, running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This was back in New Jersey, where I grew up, and since then I've played extensively with the crowds in Philly, Boston, Providence, and Indianapolis. And NEVER have I felt anywhere close to as home as when I'm playing with the friends that make up Thunder and the entirety of Louisville Ultimate. I want to give back to the community of my favorite city in America through helping to captain.


I bring you this website, so naturally I'm the cutest and most talented player around and nobody can edit this out. But more importantly, I bring you my goofy music that is too loud while hogging the front passenger seat on rides to tournaments. In the rare moment that I'm not dead of exhaustion, I keep spirits high with sideline screams made of indiscernible words. You won't know what I'm saying, but you'll sure know I'm sending you my energy.

Mike Ray - Spirit Captain

Sup sup! This is just my 3rd year playing club ultimate but this year I am pumped to be one of the Spirit Captains. I am still fairly new to the sport as I only had a little over a year experience under my belt before trying the club scene. My hopes two years ago were to just be allowed to attend practices but thanks to this team, I progressed more than I ever could have wished for. I cannot wait to see how we all grow together this year.

Off the field, I am a Controls Engineer for a Danish company that makes equipment for the medical and agricultural market. My other hobbies include Bouldering at Climb Nulu and snowboarding (when in season). On the field, you will absolutely hear me. I am loud and possibly the best dancer on the team (Editor's note: he is). Feel free to hit me up for dance lessons.

#DC #THUNDER #thunderbuddies


Rick Stewart - Treasurer

Yo dawgs! I am starting year 4 in the club ultimate scene and year 7 playing ultimate. It is my goal to help grow the ultimate community in the Louisville area. The biggest reason I wanted to be a captain this year was to help build a team that I believe in and one that has taught me so much in the last three years. I believe in the other leaders of the team. This is my third year helping to head a Frisbee team but I have long background in running swim teams. Handling logistics and finances comes with being the head coach of a high school swim team so I am very familiar with what it takes to lead a team in that regard. For the 2018 swim season, I was named the Kentucky High School Girls Swim Coach of the Year and have twice been named Region Coach of the Year.


This season, I am most excited to continue to learn and grow as a player while making new friends in the process. In reflecting back on my time with the team, my favorite memory came during day 2 of 2018 Sectionals. In our first game of the day, our set play started out with a wrinkle but we turned it into a completed full-field huck to me for the score. Coming from a competitive swimming background to playing ultimate has been quite the change and I can honestly say that I couldn't be happier that I started playing.