2020 Open Tryouts

Tuesday, June 16 from 6:30p to 8:30p

Saturday, June 20 from 10a to 1p

@ Robsion Park

These dates are subject to change, depending on the status of COVID-19. We are monitoring advice and mandates from the CDC, government, and the USAU.

2020 Practices

Tuesdays, 6:30p-8:30p

Saturdays, 9a-12p

Location TBD but likely at the Thunderdome of Robsion Park in Lyndon, KY (enclave of Louisville, near St. Matthews). If you are not on the team and want to attend, please contact a captain first.

Date of first practice TBD

April 3, 2020


As we head into the 2020 club season, many players are faced with the daunting task of training without access to gyms or team workouts. But, it's not all bad news! There are many ways you can adapt your training to the current environment, keeping yourself and your loved ones protected from COVID-19. Here are some resources we've compiled to help you still feel prepared for tryouts and the season:


  • Speed and Quickness Training! A handful of us at DCT utilize the Ultimate Athlete Project (UAP) to tailor our workouts to ultimate, and have seen great results so far! One of the best parts about the program is being able to go to a park or flat, open space and complete full workouts focused on conditioning, speed, agility, and/or power. Here is a link to a FREE 6 week program from UAP focused on speed and conditioning. Note that this does not include strength exercises, which is important to any comprehensive training program. 

  • Comprehensive Training! Along the same lines, here is a link to a FREE 5 workout sample of the UAP program. This includes an intro to conditioning, speed, agility, and full body strength training. 

  • Skill Training: Throwing! In addition to fitness, getting reps in on throws is crucial! But what's the best way to do this when leagues and team events are cancelled? You do have a couple of options: A) drag a household member (ultimate player or not) out to a park or B) Milhouse it (aka, take discs out to a field and throw alone). While you may feel silly doing the latter, you won't feel silly at the first tournament of the season when your throws are looking solid and practiced. 

    • Tips on Throwing Alone

    • Zen Throwing Practice - If you have a partner, you can practice the catching elements. If not, just do the throwing parts. Pro tip: throw into a soccer goal so you don't have to chase down your own throws (or make it a conditioning workout too and chase them all down!). 


Last but not least, the UAP is publishing advice for training in a socially-distanced world, including exercise modifications, mental health tips, and indoor/bodyweight workouts. There is a Facebook group and an email list; sign up for whichever works best for you! In the meantime, feel free to use our contact form to ask us questions about preseason training. 


Much love and stay safe,

Amanda Gellhaus & Joe Dininger, DC Thunder Head Captains

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