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We Believe

In a fun and competitive environment in which all our players have the opportunity to grow. We emphasize effort, accountability, and a supportive atmosphere.

Club Info

Derby City Thunder is a mixed club ultimate team out of Louisville, Kentucky. We aim to provide a fun and competitive place to play, while traveling to various tournaments in the immediate and surrounding regions. When we aren’t at tournaments, we work hard to advance the skill level of our players, learn broader ultimate strategy, and have a great time at social events. We make ultimate fun and hope you join us on the team or as a supporter this season!


Club History

At the end of 2018, Thunder was launched into existence. Founded on reshaping the way mixed ultimate was approached in Louisville, a push was made to return to fundamentals. The leadership team wanted to focus on the areas of culture, strategy, and competition to propel their team forward. They wanted to foster a sense of culture that was welcoming and inclusive, a strategy reliant on deeper understanding of game knowledge, and a competitive spirit to continuously improve for our teammates. We know there is more work to be done and are excited to see what the future holds.  

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