Get ready! We will have at least a partial 2021 season!

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Thunder continually strives to build an atmosphere of high-level competition, fun, and great Spirit.  Our team is made of individuals who are accountable to each other and to the culture we build together.  We value players of all ages, genders, and skill levels, and we respect that each player has a unique role on the team.  In addition, Thunder fosters a growing Ultimate community in the Greater Louisville area.


In 2021, Thunder looks to grow the sport in Kentucky and form interpersonal bonds, while whoopin' butt with our whiskey flicks and bourbon-barrel backhands on our way to the Great Lakes Regionals tournament. The Louisville mixed club team is entering its sophomore season.


Play casually with and against the roster in city leagues arranged by Louisville Ultimate.

Next Tournament

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off-season tournaments

in which we may compete.

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Last Tournament

September 7-8 in Versailles, OH

Finished 15th out of 17

Day 1

Loss   2 - 13 vs

Loss   6 - 13 vs

Loss   6 - 13 vs

Loss   9 - 15 vs

Day 2

Loss   7 - 15 vs

Win 15 -   0 vs


Toast (3)

Goose Lee (5)

Second Wind (14)

Midwestern Mediocrity (11)

Rocket Lawnchair (7)

Cleveland Rocks (16)


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